Launched originally back in January 2017; Broomsticks and Wishing Wells is a web series based on the adventures of two witches – Bafflegab and Agatha. Together they own a bric-a-brac shop and it is there where all the comical mishaps occur. The series follows the sisters as they go about their every day lives, all the while they get to meet new and old friends and perhaps execute a prank or two.

Exhibit A: The Effects of The Fog is a short film, filmed entirely on an Iphone. We are introduced to Dr Victoria Franks who is on a business trip in the mountains when a strange fog sets in.

Exhibit B is a web series in the form of a video diary, recorded by Doctor Victoria Franks. Since getting lost in the mountains when the fog first appeared, Victoria sets out to find out the cause of the mysterious fog. Watch to learn more about her findings, but do be careful, as you can never be sure who to trust.

In 2014 the 7th Wall was lucky enough to collaborate with the Australian metal band – Dragonslclaw for their original song; Fear. Fear is featured on the album – Judgement Day and the video was inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s work and revolves around a curse of the house of Ushers.